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Pork        Lamb 


Prawn   Fish

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Larb Phead (Duck)

Spicy Thai taste of salad sliced in pieces of Roasted Duck and combined with all Thai herbs

Larb Moo (Pork)

Minced pork cooked with all Thai herbs, fish sauce, lemon juice, fresh chillies, spring onions and coriander.

Larb Gai (Chicken)

Minced chicken breast cooked in fresh Thai herbs and spicy dressing

Larb Pla Maek (Squid Salad)

Squid with mixed spicy Thai herbs and spicy dressing

Yum Neau (Beef)

Salad hot and spicy, lemon juice fresh Thai chilies with shallots spring onions with coriander tomatoes, cucumber all over grilled slice beef served with fresh salad.

Yum Talay (Seafood)

Mixed seafood with a spicy dressing and fresh salad, fish, squids, mussels, tiger prawns and scallops



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Som Tum Thai (Spicy Thai Salad)

Fresh carrots, garlic, fresh chillies, beans, tomatoes, lemon juice

BaanThai Curry



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