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Shrimp Cakes (4 pieces)

Mince tiger prawns and mixed with flour and bread crumb serve with Style plum sauce

Pork Spare Rbs                                        

fried Pork spare ribs with garlic and Thai herbs 

  Fresh Spring Roll(4 pieces )        
​Wrap with fresh salads, slice pieces of chicken breast, cooked tiger prawn served with sweet chilli sauce.




BaanThai Curry



Prawn   Fish

Scallops    Seafood    


Chicken   Duck

Pork        Lamb 









Entrée Menu


Entrée Menu

Hoi Krathiem (5 pieces)

Half shelled mussels garnished with garlic with Thai herbs

Garri Puff (4 pieces)

Mince chicken with onion and kumara in a puff pastry and deep fried

Spring Rolls (4 pieces)

​​Thai style spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables and vermicelli served with sweet chili sauce

Fish Cakes (4 pieces)

The beautiful home make of real fish fillet mixture with red curry paste and slice of green beans, kaffir leaves garlic with Thai herbs


Prawns Spring Rolls (4 Pieces)

Fresh King prowns wrpapped in spring rool wrapped and staff with mince prok then deep fried

Stuff Mushroom

​​Mince Pork with Thai Herbs insert in mushroom deep-fried, sprinkel with deep fried noodles spring onions

Chicken Satay (4 pieces)

Marinated chicken skewered and grilled with delicious peanut sauce


Money Bags(4 Pieces)

Minced Pork with onion, potatoes puff pastry and deep fried

Mixed Entree

Selections of 1,2,4,6 and 7