Prawn   Fish

Scallops    Seafood    


Chicken   Duck

Pork        Lamb 

Chocolate Sundae or Caramel Sundae or Coffee or Tea

BaanThai Steak

Slice Rump Steak with Thai home made sauce.

Gari Puff

Mince chicken, potato, onoin mixed with yellow curry wrapped in puff pastry in Thai styles

Main Dishes

Spring Roll

Thai style spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables and vermicelli served with sweet and chilli sauce

Banquets $45/person


Noddle Dishes

BaanThai Curry


Stir Fried Vegetable

Combination vegetables stir fried with oyster sauce.


Seafood Pong Kari

Stir fired combination in a mile yellow curry sauce ganished with basil

Honey Duck

Roast duck breast with honey sauce in chili paste and vegetables, served in sizzling plate with flame.

Stuff Mushroom

Mince chicken and prawns with Thai herbs.


Fish Cakes

Small fish cakes make from white fish fillet with red curry paste kaffair lime leaves and green slice round beans..

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